With so many best tankless water heater reviews over the internet, it’s no wonder that the interested customers are left in such a daze, for the fact that there are so many tankless brands, and not to mention their so many tankless models, each claiming that they are the best. The competition does not end here. What with the electric, the natural gas and the propane models?   It seems like they (the different brands) really are trying to make the customers confused.

Now, this is the reason this site is solely created for and its total existence is devoted towards assisting the consumers in making the right purchase of tankless models be it electric, Natural Gas (NG) or Liquefied Propane (LP) model. In this site, we guide you through the top tankless models of the most popular brands. Since the NG and LP models are almost alike, there’s no need to bother between the two. So, the question is electric or gas?

To be frank, each and every model referred to in this site is unanimously efficient. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that will give you some ideas for making the right purchase for instant water heater.

Factors to consider:

Purpose: If you are in search of a tankless model that will be ideal for a whole-house purpose, then I recommend that you choose either a gas-fired or propane-fired model. The electric tankless models are ideal for running one or even two applications simultaneously.

Size: If you have a big family, then, speaking for a long-term use, you ought to look for a bigger size tankless models having greater GPM capacity.

Efficiency: Although their GPM capacity is not so high, the electric models are nonetheless greatly efficient than the gas models. Some specific electric tankless models having virtually 100% thermal efficiency! So far, the gas models are found to have not exceeded the efficiency rate of 85%.

GPM Capacity: The gas models heat the water faster and also have generally more GPM (gallons of water) capacity as compare to the electric tankless models in existence.

Powerful Heating Elements: The hot water flow rate of tankless models depends upon how fast the heating elements heat the cold water. If your heating element is really powerful, them your model will have higher GPM capacity.

Cost: In comparison to even the best electric tanklesss models, the gas models are really expensive. This does not mean that the electric models are cheap. It’s only that they have a simple design, not complicated like that of the gas models. What’s more, you will also get higher utility rebates and other available tax credits regarding the electric models. Yet, there are similar facilities toward the gas models also which are of really advanced technology.

Who wouldn’t fall for an intriguing feature, if it makes your life more comfortable? After all, the tankless models are for-your-sake-of-comfort products and you must take as many advantages as you can. So, another important factor to consider is the features & technologies that your tankless model will be packaged with. You are justified in buying the model which features advance technologies, be it electric or gas models. Beside these, you should also observe the relation between flow rate and temperature rise and other additional factors like warranty and Energy Star certification. It’s wise to be thorough since someone once said-“Little knowledge is a dangerous thing”!

As a side note, you may find our natural gas tankless water heater reviews quite helpful regarding this subject where you will get acquainted with the best of the best natural gas models. Unless they don’t fulfill your requirement, then there’s also the electric tankless water heater reviews which is sure to catch you attention, if you are one of that guy who thinks or rather believes that electricity is the future!

Talking about the best tankless water heater reviews, the Stiebel Eltron, Bosch PowerStar and Eemax are the leading brands manufacturing the electric tankless models whereas Navien, Rinnai, Richmond, Noritz, Bosch Aquastar and Rheem are considered good for gas models.

As a consumer, you should go through the reviews, consumer ratings etc. of the particular tankless model that you are interested in before buying it. Look over the issues like repair and maintenance, portable feature, plumbing, useful accessories and so on. The amazon.com is an ideal platform where you will find invaluable information from consumers and experts alike.

The best tankless water heater is the one that is ideal for your use from every aspect. So, take your time and consider the above mentioned criteria when purchasing a tankless water heater for your home. The ultimate decision is yours, so make it a wise one!