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G-Shocks vs Smartwatches and why comparing them is a mistake

First off, I think you have to be at least a Millennial to have experienced a G-Shock the proper way. I doubt Generation Z members are avid wearers of G-Shocks, although of course there might be some geeky exceptions. First introduced in 1983, the G-Shock market rapidly expanded in one of the biggest watch niches in the world. While some may consider that G-Shocks are obsolete now that smartwatches are the new gangster in town, I do not agree and I put up a list of arguments and reasons why G-Shocks are a completely different niche that cannot be affected by the success of smartwatches.

  1. G-Shocks are tough, smartwatches aren’t

I have yet to see a person going on survival trips in the woods to carry a smartwatch. They are not as tough as G-Shocks and the risks of breaking them are so big that it’s just not worth carrying one. As long as there is no developed tough outdoors smartwatch market, G-Shocks are irreplaceable in this regard.

  1. There is a huge variety of G-Shocks available

Since the first G-Shock in 1983, Casio created an incredible number of different G-Shock lines for every imaginable outdoor branch. Check this article for example where you can find tons of different G-Shocks: http://atomic811.com/best-g-shock-watch/. Smartwatches, on the other hand, are not as prevalent outside their tech bubble.

  1. Battery life is not an issue on G-Shocks

In terms of battery life, G-Shocks win by a landslide in every situation. Simply comparing the one-day battery life of a smartwatch to the self-solar charging battery lasting years of a G-Shock is not worth it. The G-Shock wins every time.

  1. You can find excellent affordable G-Shocks

I had some cheap smartwatches in the past thinking that they should not be so different from the expensive ones like Apple. God, I was so wrong. Cheap no-name smartwatches are a nightmare to cope with, the battery is draining like a broken pipe, the touchscreen is 50% of the time not understanding the command and so on. On the other hand, you can find a decent $50 G-Shock that has good build quality, works as intended, lasts for years and can be abused without breaking.

The bottom line here is that cheap smartwatches are terrible whereas G-Shocks are decent.

  1. Information about G-Shocks is plenty and everywhere

Sites like http://atomic811.com/ offer tons of useful information on dozens of different G-Shock models thus helping you make a much better decision whenever you’re in the market after a quality watch. The information on smartwatches, however, is much thinner and you often have to guide yourself by brand, price and this sort of stuff.

Overall I think I made my point. You might still consider that G-Shocks are not for you and go for a smartwatch instead, and that is completely fine since I never said that G-Shocks are in every matter better than smartwatches. All I did was debunk some myths and misunderstandings that seem to flood watch blogs nowadays. G-Shocks and smartwatches are two completely different watch niches that in my opinion cannot and do not have to be compared since they serve completely different purposes and needs.