You probably have never thought of giving LED flashlights before as a gift, but they actually are a very practical and wonderful gift for just about anyone – regardless of the occasion.

Everyone needs a few good LED flashlights in their home, but how many people actually have a good one in their car, boat, garage, RV, camping gear, etc? Probably a lot less people than you think.

I know that at one time I only felt a flashlight was necessary in the home for when the lights went out, emergencies or when needed to do some repair work in the attack or some other dark area of my house.  I’m a camper and backpacker as well, so of course I had two tiny LED flashlights in my camp gear too, but these two places were the only places I stored my flashlights.

Now, especially with two teenaged daughters who drive, I realize the importance of having a flashlight in our vehicles as well as a small flashlight that they can carry in their purses or backpacks or on a key chain. They will be very useful in both emergency situations (both inside and outside of the car) or if they simply can’t find something in the car at night.  In essence, every car owner – man or woman – needs a reliable flashlight in their vehicle.

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When my daughters go to college and are walking home alone at night from a class or from studying (hopefully), a good high powered LED flashlight will come in quite handy and will offer me and my wife a little more comfort in knowing that they are a little bit safer.

Additionally, boaters would love receiving a good, waterproof, floating LED flashlight as a gift. The last few times I’ve been out with friends on their boat, there were no flashlights to be seen – and we even were out boating at night!

If you have been out on a boat at night then you know that it gets very dark on the water and a top LED flashlight can really be helpful should engine trouble occur or for searching across the water for objects or obstructions. In fact, in an emergency the flashlight can become a very valuable lifesaving tool, as they can be used for signalling other boaters or emergency craft.  For a boater, floating waterproof LED flashlights can make a great gift and will be much appreciated!

I would assume that most every home owner has at least one flashlight in their house for when the power goes off.  Did you know that there are LED flashlights that plug into the wall and come on automatically when the power goes off so you can find your way to the light safely?  Another great gift idea!

So when you need a gift idea for either a man or woman who seems to have everything, give LED flashlights some consideration. There are multiple uses for them and make sense for just about everyone!