Sunglasses for Christmas 2018? Really? Christmas is right around the corner and many of us are looking for the perfect gift to buy our loved ones. Children will often prefer toys or video games (which admittedly are suitable for men of all ages too), women might love getting jewelry or a great dress, but how about giving your loved ones Sunglasses for Christmas 2018? Which sunglasses are the hottest right now?

The following article (Part 1) argues why you should buy sunglasses for Christmas 2018, and claims that sunglasses can be the perfect christmas gift.

Our next article (Part 2) will discuss the hottest models and brands of sunglasses for Christmas.

Why buy your loved ones Sunglasses for Christmas 2018? Sunglasses are often overlooked when it comes to buying them for Christmas. The 2 main reasons:

1)  Sunglasses in general are considered risky gifts because you have to get the right style for the person you’re buying them for and you have to make sure they’ll fit his/her face.

2) No one really thinks of sunglasses for Christmas (except maybe in Australia :)) because of winter…

In this situation we suggest you to go for order eyeglasses online.

Why Sunglasses for Christmas can be the perfect gift:

True, the reasons above do make sense, but here are some reasons to argue you should most definitely get your loved ones sunglasses for Christmas:

1)  It’s easy to pick the right style for someone you know well. Some sunglasses, such as Aviator Sunglasses, seem to fit pretty much anyone.

2)  It’s easy today to choose the right sunglasses for people based on their face shape (see our page about sunglasses face shape here)

3)  Sunglasses are a must in certain winter conditions such as snow. Have you ever tried skiing/snowboarding without a pair?? Buying great sports sunglasses such as the Bolle Baracudas for your loved one before the next ski trip can be perfect.

4)  Sunglasses are often on sale in the winter which makes it easier on the pocket.

5)   We argue that you can’t have too many sunglasses because- A) they’re a fashion accessory like shoes or hats. B) Every pair of sunglasses based on its lens shape provides optimal results in different circumstances (see our page about sunglasses lens colors here)

So which are the newest, coolest sunglasses around for Christmas of 2018?

You tell us!